Feedback from the 50th Reunion - November 8, 2008
Last night was a great success.  You, and the committee did a fantastic job all the way around.  We all have such fun, and we all
looked "so good."  Thank you so much for making it all possible. -- Mary Ellen Henry (Vautier)
Blair - your efforts were extraordinary in making our reunion a success!   Thanks very much.
Best wishes, Scott Magargee
Dear HHS Class of '58 Committee members,
What a fun evening on Saturday night!  It couldn't have gone more perfectly - food was great, friendly classmates, slide show,
etc.  The Concordville Inn was the perfect place for the reunion.  I know you put in many hours and months to make the night so
successful, and we ALL appreciated your hard work.
Since I had not attended a reunion since the 10th, I was amazed to see everyone looking so great!  Those of our classmates who
were unable to attend truly missed an occasion that we will remember for a very long time. They say the 50th is the best!
Some of us did not want the evening to end, and found ourselves still chatting at 1 a.m. in the breakfast area.  We took away
many fond memories of the evening, as well as reminiscing about the past.
My applause to all of you for an exceptionally great evening.
-- Joyce Hurd (Morgan)
Hi Blair,
I got back to MA late last night after dropping Dee Flack off in Conn.  We all had a wonderful time and didn't want it to end.
You and the committee did a sensational job and all your hard work paid off.
To order a class picture go to the website, look under reunion.  If you have any problems please let me know
and I would be happy to help. Thanks again for making the reunion such a success.
-- Beth Montgomery (McCuin)
Hi, All,
I just want to congratulate all of you on a splendid reunion. It was relaxing and fun -- you hit the "sweet spot" with your
planning. So, thank you. On the drive back to Connecticut, I enjoyed basking in the nostalgia that the reunion summoned up. It's
amazing, isn't it, how the connections (and the memories) reach across the decades. As that ancient but true saying goes --
there are no friends like old friends. Anyway, job well done,
-- Virginia Foster
Hi Blair
Please pass this e mail along to everyone that worked on making our 50th reunion what it was.
There is a saying when buying a house "location, location, location."  When I think back to Saturday night and our 50th reunion
all I can say is, "fantastic, fantastic, fantastic."
All of you that worked and thought and planned for all the months leading up to Saturday night did one spectacular job.  I am
sure there were many hours, in fact many days put into all that you had to do to make it so special.   Concordville was the
perfect place, the appetizers and dinner could not have been better.  I guess the only way to sum it up was "a wonderful
Thank you, all of you, for all your hard work.  Heard you are planning on another reunion in 5 years, will be looking forward to
it.  One thing I was thinking about, any chance on making it casual dress?  I watched many men pulling
on their ties and loosening them and heard many women (me included) moaning about sore feet from
those nasty heels. Just a thought, ties, pantyhose, nasty heels would not stop me from attending.
Thank you once again and here is a bouquet of flowers to show my appreciation.
-- Barbara Grace (List)
Blair... Please pass along to the planning committee my sincerest thanks for a perfect event!... The accommodations were
wonderful; the Concordville Inn was a delightful setting (gosh... the Inn is from 1776!!!)... the food was great... far exceeding
what has been in my experience lukewarm banquet fare... and the program just right... you even arranged for pleasant  
weather! It was really nice to have plenty of time, and room, to just mingle and catch up...  I was pleasantly surprised to
re-meet so many people with whom I went to Brookline elementary school... yikes!!! The little touches (welcoming 'goodie'
bags... group pictures, old photos)... all blended together... it is obvious an enormous amount of planning went into this... and it
did not go unnoticed!   thanks again!
-- Judy Steinberg (Labovitz)
Blair - I wanted to add my "thanks" for the great job you and the other committee members did for the 50th reunion.  It was
a lot of fun and I really enjoyed seeing so many of my friends from school.  Thanks again for all your hard work.
-- Barbara Mann (Burke)
Hi Blair,
I just got back to Montana late last night so this is the first chance I've had to thank you, the entire planning
committee, and
of course the whole class of 1958, for the most wonderful reunion. I will never forget it. The hard work of all
those that put this event together is so appreciated. The Concordville Inn was a perfect setting for the perfect evening.
Friday evening was so much fun too. Many, many thanks. The class of '58 is so remarkable and I'm proud to be part of it.  
Thanks again.
-- Diane "Dee" Flack (Jackson)
My most sincere thanks to you, Blair, for encouraging me to attend our 50-year reunion.  It was wonderful.  I had decided
long ago after the first of our class reunions (the 7-year?) not to go to any more as a result of seeing a former classmate and
good buddy quite bald!   I will not mention any names - I sure don't want to be sued by some oldster straining their back by
bending down to slice my tires. That shock convinced me that avoiding the vicissitudes of the aging process was the best way to
go.  Your insistence forced me to revisit this decision, and come to grips with the fact that my own high school corpus has been
thoroughly ravaged by the same process; so there was really no reason not to go. "Congratulations are certainly due to anyone
who could induce all those balding, belly-hanging-over-the-belt, alcohol preserved old f--ts to actually travel from all over the
country to ogle the women in our class and inhale another meal in the name of a reunion (to a school who's name they probably
can't even recall.)" Just to pry a third or more of the surviving members of our class out of their Strato-Loungers in their
retirement homes is an amazing feat.  I think your energy and the website that you created constitute the pixie dust that
made it all happen.  Once there, I was immediately impressed by the turnout - I believe a third plus of the surviving class
membership.  What a lasting impact good old Haverford High had to bring out so many.  But more than that, I was surprised
by the easy re-acquaintance with seeming strangers each wearing a picture of someone I knew way back when.  The years
melted away quickly due, I think to a total lack of any knowledge of how the intervening decades had been spent.  Our rusty
memories had no trouble dredging up material for lively chats about those easy teenage days.  Your photo melange was terrific
and Dick Young's role as MC was impressive.  Of course there were the awards for traveling the greatest distance and having
the most children, but where were the other awards?  The classmate supporting the largest harem of ex-wives; the most
recent facelift; the highest ranking on the FBI's watch list; the size and number of bankruptcies - so many interesting ways
we have to make our marks as we pass through society.  So thanks again and I want you to reserve me a spot at the 75th.
-- Bill Blakeslee
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