(L to R) Nick Gallo, Andrea Larson Chapura, sliver of Nick's wife
Cynthia Jacob, Margaret Thompson (wife of Bruce Thompson)
& David McCuin from Panfoto
Chuck Daniels and his wife, Andrea
(L to R) Charlie Hughes, Barbara Mann Burke & Bob Pieper
Gil Minacci & Chuck Daniels
Carol Landis & Dottie Christman Lilja
Chuck Daniels & Judy Phillips Anglada
Albert DeSantis & Bruce Thompson's wife, Margaret
Bill Rantanen & his wife Lee
Donald Lewis & Thomas Kepler
Dottie Peoples Mackan & Mary Ann Collins Wood
Dick Young, once again, courageously takes his life in his hands and
addresses the gathered throng of classmates & guests
Larry Kanavy gives the Invocation
Virginia Foster summons past memories as she delivers her
"58 Plus 50 years" poem
Priscilla Manthorpe Sibson receives her longest distance traveled "Prize"
from Dick Young
Priscilla displays her Phillies 2008 Champions Tee Shirt for traveling the
farthest to attend.
Bruce Thompson accepts his prize for having the most children (10 and
Sandy Adams Arata accepts drawing prize from Dick Young. (L to R)
Bruce Thompson, Jane McCloy Morris, Bill Blakeslee & Lance Sumser,
seated  in the background.
Bruce Thompson makes another trip to the well to collect prize for the
youngest child
Loaded Men's and Ladie's Goodie Baskets are prizes in ticket drawing
Dottie Keene Todd draws the ticket for the Ladie's Goodie Basket
Joann Del Pizzo Miller takes the winning Ladie's Goodie Basket
Lorraine Uzzle shows Dick the winning ticket for the Men's Goodie
Basket. (L to R) Lance Sumser, Bill Blakeslee & Bruce Foster, seated in
the background.
Always considerate, Chauncey Uzzle kindly allows his wife Lorraine to
carry the Men's Goodie Basket back to the table for him. <VBG>
That's Klaus Nomi singing
"You Don't Own Me"
in the background