(L to R) Lorraine Uzzle, husband Chauncey Uzzle & Philip Howe
(From left, clockwise) Donald Lewis & wife Sheryl, Thomas Kepler &
guest Marianne Keim, Dottie Bowers & husband Danny Bowers, Dick
Myers, Joe Armstrong & wife Linda Griffey Armstrong
(From Left, clockwise) Randie Boehringer Robinson, Priscilla Manthorpe
Sibson, Susi Wedemeyer Federroll, Elinore O'Connell Verna, Barbara
Timmons Klepper & Bunny Caldwell (standing)
The Usual Suspects - (L to R) Dottie Keene Todd, Babs Horton Holloway,
Dale Burkholder Hastings, Dick Young, Sara Westlake Caldwell, Blair
Klepper, Virginia Foster & Laurence Ritter
Pat Caldwell and Bunny Caldwell
Laurence Ritter and Carol Block
Andrea and Chuck Daniels
Marilyn Hopen Simpler and Judy Phillips Anglada
(L to R) John Varone, Sandy Stewart Varone & Roger Mackan
(L to R) Roger Mackan, Dotti Peoples Mackan & Sheila McGinn Haggerty
Sandy Stewart Varone and Dotti Peoples Mackan
Dick Young addressing the 50th Reunion gathering
Sandy Stewart Varone chats with Al Kaemmerlen
Mary Markel Lockerbie and Marianne Sponsler Hunsicker
Bruce Thompson (viewed from the back) and Gil Minacci
(L to R) Beth Montgomery McCuin, Jane McCloy Morris and
Sandy Stewart Varone
(L to R) Sandy Stewart Varone, Diane "Dee" Flack Jackson, Marianne Sponsler Hunsicker,
Beth Montgomery McCuin, Mary Markel Lockerbie, Anne McNelis Welde, Shiela McGinn
Haggerty, Dotti Peoples Mackan & Jane McCloy Morris
That's Bobby Vee singing
"One Last Kiss"
in the background