58 + 50 years - Thoughts presented by Virginia Foster at the 50th Reunion
Fifty-Eight Plus Fifty

Greetings, All – oh me, oh my
Fifty years have flown by
Since we left dear Haverford
And into life so quickly roared.

Think back a moment to those days
When we jumped on every craze
From pop-it beads to a wide cinch belt
And poodle skirts trimmed in felt.

For guys, it was of course white bucks
And for their hair, the tail of ducks.
From Elvis Presley to Pat Boone,
We rocked and rolled to every tune.

So walk with me down memory lane
Even if it strains your brain.
Remember Chez Vous and the Wishing Well?
There are stories we still don’t tell!

Remember Miss Bevins’ class in typing?
Can’t you hear us mumbling and griping?
Remember Stinnie and World War One?
Reading Gooch was not much fun.

Remember Miss Brown and English grammar?
Rather like hitting one’s head with a hammer.
Although ‘tis true, after five decades
The lesson she taught hardly fades.

Remember Hot Shoppes and the Moo?
Skating at Earl’s Lake as the snow flew?
Remember drag racing at dizzying clips
With burning rubber laid down in strips?

Remember our Senior Prom quintessential—
Bill Haley & the Comets at the Presidential?
Remember Karakung Drive and Wildwood?
Well, if you don’t, perhaps you should.

Best of all, we were State Champs
Before the era of lava lamps.
Remember when we trounced Altoona
With our Dream Team and the Big Kahuna?

Remember WIBG and Joe Niagra?
Alas, these days we just reach for Viagra.
Yes, our generation has seen so much—
From 45 records to the iPod Touch.

From good old Ike to the new Obama,
We’ve seen plenty of political drama
In Washington and around the world,
With no doubt more to be unfurled.

But tonight we pause with this rhyme
To capture a fleeting moment in time.
Let’s pause to remember and reminisce
About friends once with us, whom now we miss.

Above all, let’s look around each table
And take the chance, while we’re able,
To give a hug and a warm thank you
To great good friends, loyal and true.

We share a past, both glorious and great
So here’s to us — The Class of  1958!
That's A MIDI Orchestration of
"Born Too Late"
playing in the background