1. Bohn, Morton D. "Danny", III
  2. Britton, Douglas "Doug"
  3. Campbell, Robert James
  4. Caprice, Pauline
  5. Carlson, Raymond W.
  6. Caso, Frank L.
  7. Cassel, Sharon J. (Reider)
  8. Chatfield, Susan P. "Chatty"
  9. Davis, Jane
  10. de Freyre, Donna M. (Liparito)
  11. Foster, Stephen D.
  12. Gillmore, Donald R.
  13. Hamilton, William S. "Bill"
  14. Johnston, Ronald
  15. Kennedy, Linda (Harrison)
  16. Krohn, Antje
  17. Lee, Patricia Ann "Pat"
  18. Linder, James A. "Jim"
  19. March, Louis "Lou"
  20. Shriver, Roy Andrew
  21. Silver, Mark
  22. Vizard, Carolyn Doane
The Following Classmates Are Missing From Our Address List!
(Without a note from the principal, I might add!)
Please contact us at Address/Status Update if you can help us with a
current address, phone number, or an E-mail address with which to contact
a missing classmate who has relocated.
Our Old School Mascot - Fordinand
Please check over our Missing List
the left and see if you can help
us locate anyone hiding from us.  
We are continually trying to keep
a current address and contact list
for future Reunions and
get-togethers. If you know of
anyone who has moved or is no
longer with us, please let us know.
If you can help, please send an
e-mail to the link immediately
below so we can update our
records. Just keeping up with our
class is like trying to herd cats!

Any help would be greatly

Address/Status Update
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1000 Miles From Nowhere"
in the background