Ruling Angel anchored off Cape Town, S. Africa
Jack and Barbi Heading For Tahiti
Barbara and Jack on Fiji
A Marlin on the line off the starboard beam
Welcome to the Solomon Islands
Phuket - I will NOT even try to pronounce this one!
A beautiful Pride of Lions on Tanzania sizing up their
Barbara Blumberg (Hoag) and John "Jack" Hoag follow their dreams as they continue their 5
year, 65,000+ mile yacht cruise around the world. Sailing Yacht is named Ruling Angel.
New Years Day 2008, Ruling Angel anchored off the
coast of Capetown, South Africa
Jack and Barbi on their way to Tahiti
on the Ruling Angel
As you may have guessed, Barbi and Jack
enjoying themselves on Fiji
Bringing in a Marlin for dinner
Greeted by children on arrival in the Solomon Islands
Phuket, Thailand

I'll play it safe and
NOT try to pronounce
this one, but it sure is beautiful!
A beautiful Pride of Lions on Tanzania sizing up their "Running Tourist" Entrée.
Feets... do your thing!!
No idea! Most likely drying the underwear after the above Lion encounter? <vbg>
Barbara graciously sent us the last chapter
(Chapter 25) of the Ruling Angel's sailing Log
I will post it as soon as I get an OK
from Barbara and Jack!
Permission received 11/15/2008
Click on link below to view Ship's Log
What a wonderful account of the
spectacular beauty, the adventure,
the world in such huge oceans in a
and also the frequent exposure to the
unexpectedly throw your way.
That's "The Song Of The High Seas"
From "Victory At Sea"
playing in the background