From the Philadelphia Inquirer
Thursday, July 1, 2004
WHHS-FM 99.9 Radio
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WHHS 99.9 FM
In 1949, WHHS started as an experiment in radio electronics at
Haverford High School. The Federal Communications Commission
was handing out frequencies in the area. Haverford’s then-prinicipal,
Oscar Granger, decided to grab one. With the help of a physics
teacher and a chemistry teacher, the experiment turned into a
thriving success. After a frequency change made by the FCC in 1992,
from 89.3 FM to 107.9 FM, the station covered a 5-10 mile radius and
had an estimated audience of 2500 people.

Each generation of students has brought new ideas to the station. To
go on the air, students are required to learn the federal regulations
that govern the station. Also, they must first be taught how to use the
equipment and organize air time. The experience gained from WHHS
is priceless, and some of Haverford’s former DJs and staff now work
for radio stations like WMGK, WYSP, WXPN, and many other radio
stations around the country.

WHHS broadcasts an assortment of specialty shows covering such
things as hard core music, classic rock, sports, and news. In addition,
WHHS covers Haverford High sporting events. Off air WHHS holds
monthly Coffee Houses which allows local bands to perform in front of
an audience. They are open to the public and it’s a great way to come
out and support the station.

All of these factors, plus WHHS plays absolutely no commercials,
combine to make WHHS not only the first high school FM radio
station in the United States, but also one of its best.

Relocated in 2005 to 99.9FM, WHHS is a great radio station, and an
asset to the Haverford Community!

WHHS now broadcasts 24 hours a day! For more information or
requests, please call the station at 610-446-7111.
A Little WHHS History
An Amazing Asset To
Haverford Township
That's Skeeter Davis singing
"End Of The World"
in the background